April Musings - Sam's top tips for celebrating earth day

Hello lovely Beauty Insiders! Earth Day is today and it has had me reflecting on clever green initiatives that others are doing as well as how we can do better at Somerset Moss to protect Mother Earth:
  • As you most likely know, we use clean botanical, adaptive ingredients. In the Balm we use Bees wax. I love bees so much and we make sure the wax comes from a local, sustainable source where the bees are looked after - after all, ‘happy bees make honey’. 🐝
  • Our production plant is also completely solar powered! On the sunniest days, the panels can produce enough energy to charge two Teslas per day! 🌞 
  • Our packaging tape is now made from paper which means that all of our packaging is now fully recyclable!  ♻️
  • We love to embrace seasonal ingredients which don’t need as much energy for artificial heating, lighting, refrigeration or storage. This goes for not only what we eat, but what we put in Somerset Moss products to then use on our skin. Speaking of..we have a special seasonal spring/summer launch coming soon so stay tuned! 🌼 
But we can always do more; in the coming months we hope to build a refill program so you can top up your products without using new packaging - watch this space and keep us accountable! 
Elsewhere, a city in England has introduced a scheme where every new building must use special bricks that act as nest for solitary bumble bees!. You can learn about why bumbles bees are so important for our ecosystem through the ‘Bee the Change; campaign website here.
🌱 🌿 Happy Earth Day everyone!  🌿 🌱


M O V E  Combining her wise words, amazing music taste and sense of humour, Erin Gilmore is one of our favourite new yoga teachers. Sign up for her weekly newsletter here and pay what you can for her feel good Living Room Yoga classes. 

S H O P Hunter and Hare is a fantastic consignment store here in Vancouver where we've bagged some real gems. Not based in Vancouver? Make sure you do some window shopping through their insta.

 L I S T E N Elizabeth Day has held our attention through 13 Seasons of her acclaimed podcast 'How to Fail'. We are so excited that she has launched a new one called 'Best Friend Therapy'. Her best friend is a therapist so together they will explore themes such as imposter syndrome and relationship games; 'two best friends, one therapist and zero filter'.

with botanical love,

Somerset Moss x


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