February Frolics - Sam's top tips for embracing scent and sensuality

Hello lovely Beauty Insiders! February is a month of love; Black History Month, Valentines Day and the upcoming International Women's Day are all opportunities for us to celebrate and share it. I visited Ukraine when I was 15 and still remember the love, hospitality and kindness of the people there. So please enjoy this month's frolics and keep choosing love and sending prayers to Ukraine. 


 Nominate your superstar 

There are those women who have their heart in our hands. They inspire, support and amaze us on the daily with their beauty, strength and resilience.

International Womens Day is coming up on March 8th, and we want to acknowledge these incredible women who make each day brighter and our lives richer.

Do you know one of these women? Nominate her and we will be sending three women a Somerset Moss Core Collection to acknowledge all that they do.




Somerset Moss Collection is made in Canada, but has its roots in the English countryside. I grew up on a farm in beautiful Somerset, England. As a little girl you could find me in the fields collecting hedgerow flowers, leaves and mixing them together with a splash of water, maybe a little mud...so becoming an esthetician and holistic expert was a natural career for me. 

I started by researching about the powerful properties of some of my favourite plants before expanding my glossary of botanicals. I enlisted the help of a Master Perfumer from England to curate the perfect blend for each product, each with a signature Somerset Moss scent. 

Scent is such a powerful sense, it has the ability to transport us back to memories that have been buried deep in our consciousness. This ingredient showcase will reveal the dual benefits (scent and skin) of some of my absolute faves:

Jasmine - this one has to be my favourite flower. The heady scent is a reminder of beautiful warm evenings spent in Portugal, cicadas chirping in the background, a warming aroma in the air. Due to its renowned powerful floral perfume, it is a base for many of the world's most famous perfumes like Chanel No. 5. Studies show that it is a powerful antidepressant that can ease sadness. It acts as an aphrodisiacal sedative which is another helpful way to relax, unwind and maybe get a little frisky... For your skin, it reduces redness and irritation.  It's found in the Mist and the Oil.

Sweet Orange - this is another sweet scent that reminds me of Portugal: the heady scent would fill the villages when the orange trees were in bloom. It rebalances the nervous system and relieves anxiety and agitation. For your skin, it promotes clarity and  the rebalancing of the skin's barrier. It can be found in the Moisturising Soap which you can now find in a Bundle.

Ylang Ylang - this scent resonates with many and is disliked by others for its heavy floral notes (a bit like the love/hate of marmite for you Brits!). I’m obviously a lover, not a hater; this floral oil balances, heals and restores calm. It helps you feel grounded, connected and 'in your body'. When we are feeling relaxed, sensual and without stress, there's more room for that loving energy and a release of tension, if you know what I mean... For your skin, it's very nourishing and anti-ageing too. It can be found in all the Somerset Moss products.
Frankincense this scent helps to free up the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to communicate more freely and feel more in control while instilling comfort and relaxation. For your skin, it is an excellent anti-ageing oil as it improves the rate of cell renewal and promotes skin rejuvenation. It is excellent at reducing inflammation and helping to control redness. It's found in both the Balm and the Mask.
So to conclude... when using our products we encourage you to inhale deeply and rest in the knowledge that both your skin and your mood will benefit from these powerful botanical superstars. All that's left to do is to enjoy the last few days of this month of loveee.  
Are you interested in learning more? Check out the novel The Language of Flowers or this article about what each flower symbolises/
All of the botanical illustrations that we sprinkle throughout our newsletters, socials and packaging are all ingredients found in Somerset Moss products! Do you have any questions about our ingredients and products? I always love to hear from you so please reach out!


February is Black History Month which is an opportunity to recognize, uplift, and celebrate achievements made by historical and contemporary people of African descent. We want to celebrate these movers and shakers and all they are offering:


R E F L E C T Kunye is a black owned and female led wellness studio with a multi-disciplinary approach to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Their wellness experiences are based in Vancouver but they also create digital content and personal care products that inspire mindful living and embody our philosophy of Slow Wellness.

W E A R We are loving the sustainable and ethical clothing line, Free Label. They support and mentor entrepreneurs through their BIPOC marketplace too.

R E A D 'Girl, Woman, Other' by Bernardine Evaristo - this novel follows the lives and struggles of 12 women who are black and British. It is dynamic, celebratory and enlightening.


with botanical love,

Somerset Moss x

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