March Musings - Sam's top tips for celebrating your heroes

Ever since our campaign for International Women's Day (your nominations moved me so much), I've still very much been on the bandwagon of celebrating my heroes. As well as my amazing friends and family, another of my all time heroes is Dame Anita Roddick.
She is best known for being Founder of The Body Shop and even though she passed away in 2007, her legacy still lives on. She was revolutionary in her approach to creating a cruelty-free beauty brand that used natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. She has been a big inspiration of mine ever since I was a young girl and of course influenced the botanical adaptive skincare line, Somerset Moss!
I just love this image above of her meeting Princess Diana at the Body Shop Headquarters back in 1986 (courtesy of the Anita Roddick Legacy Group). She opened her first store in Brighton in 1976 and by 1991 there were 700 stores! What an icon.
V I S I T  For all you Californians out there, we're popping up in Venice, L.A. at our friend Gjusta Goods. Please do come and say hello and enjoy a mini facial on April 2nd or 3rd! More info here.
L I S T E N Are you ready to be moved? This episode of Happy Place features Björn Natthiko Lindeblad - he was a monk who lived in Thailand for 17 years before eventually leaving and returning to Sweden. At the time of the podcast, he was suffering from a terminal illness and has since passed away. This episode captured his remarkable attitude towards life and really helped me to see the bigger picture. 
P L A N We are just loving our new planners from local Vancouver company Hemlock & Oak! The best part is that they have undated options available to there's no guilt involved if you fall out of your routine. The format helps you to align your values with your plans - dream!
with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x


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