November Snippet - Why do you need the Brightening Mask?

Whdo I need the Brightening Mask?
We're so glad you asked! Words just don't do the Brightening Mask justice in terms of how good it FEELS but we will do our best to paint a picture for you.

Apply the Mask to dry, freshly cleansed skin and gently massage it in using circular motions.
Feel the buffered apricot seeds and detoxifying pink clay working to remove dead skin. Getting rid of the dull outer layer of skin not only improves the texture and clarity of the skin, but it also provides a blank canvas so that the other Somerset Moss products can work more of their magic through the plump new skin cells. And because you won't be needing to use as much product, you will be saving dollars in the process!
Brighten, refine and replenish your skin with extracts of rice bran and liquoriceAvocado oil packs a powerful punch as it is high in Omega-3s which strengthen the skin through essential protein building blocks and oleic acid which increases absorption into the epidermis. Any scarring and fine lines look better when deep layers of the skin are moisturised like this. Carrot seed oil protects against UV, deeply nourishes and hydrates parched skin and balances and uplifts your mood.  
The grounding scent of chamomile and frankincense can be gently inhaled throughout the process. But these botanical superstars weren't added just for their scent; frankincense increases cell turnover, improving skin tone and flushing out pigmentation/ blemish marks. The chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation, (as does the spot of Marshmallow Root which is also in the mix).
Another supercharged ingredient to mention is Glasswort - a plant that grows at the edge of the ocean. It has the same hydrating properties as hyaluronic acid (but better!) and works to restore the skin's barrier. 
Leave on the skin for 5-10 minutes to soak up the goodness and hydration before rinsing the mask off.

1. When applying the mask to the face, you can also use a little on the backs of your hands. It can also be used on areas prone to dry skin like knees and elbows.

2. For those of you with dry/more mature skin, use the mask every 3-5 days. Those with more oily skin can use it every 5-6 days. For sensitive skin types, don't go to hard on the massage portion of the experience!

3. If you're feeling a little lazy one evening, you can use the mask to remove make-up at the end of the long day (and of course, exfoliate at the same time!). We wouldn’t recommend this as a daily practice, but it's ok for the occasional eve...

4. Want a fresh start to your day? Our new favourite trick is to apply the mask first thing and leave it on while we make and sip on our first coffee of the day and then rinse it off afterwards. It adds a little luxury to our morning routine, lifts tired skin and puts a spring in our step.

Brighten. Hydrate. Detox.


Mask one minute, exfoliator the next!

This mask has changed my exfoliating routine in the most beautiful way! I love skincare products that pack a multitude of beneficial qualities and this mask does not fall short from that. A mask and an exfoliator all in one, it fully takes you away as you inhale the scents of chamomile and frankincense while you apply it to your face. I start with the mask on my fingertips and gently rub/apply in circular motions to my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. My favourite part is that the experience doesn't end there because once I've exfoliated, the mask begins! I sit and relax, and allow my skin to plump from hydration and brighten for the start of my day. I give a little rub at the end while I remove the mask with water to lift any dead skin cells, and I love using this first thing in the morning as my makeup applies flawlessly after! Seriously! Best mask ever!!

- Jessi


What a treat!

Feeling tired, a little dull and dehydrated, struggle no more. Somerset Moss Brightening Mask made my skin feel soft and hydrated. The gentle scrub loosens dry skin, leave it on whilst in the tub and allow your skin to soak in all the goodness. The scent is super relaxing. Would recommend this product to anyone.

- Prue
In other news, we are SO excited to announce that we are part of the One of a Kind Show in Toronto - taking place from the November 24th to December 4th. Use the code WONDER to receive 20% off tickets on their website. We'd love to see you there and please let your Toronto friends know too! 

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