April Musings - Sam's Ode To Elizabeth Gilbert

We are still swooning from a team trip to see Elizabeth Gilbert live in Vancouver. For those of you who haven't yet discovered her and her wisdom, she became well known for her memoir 'Eat, Pray, Love' but has since written a lot more work - both fiction and non-fiction. She has the best outlook on what makes a life well lived. 
My key takeaways included:
  • How hilarious/ sad it is that the idea of a relaxed woman seems like a radical way of being nowadays. We have grown up feeling this need to care for everybody and everything  - but what would our life look like if first and foremost we prioritised relaxation? She said that through prioritisation, boundaries and a healthy dose of mysticism, we can work towards this base state of being. From there, we will be better equipped to tackle the adversity life can throw our way. In other words, there is power in the calm. 

  • Another great question she asked the audience was “What are you willing to give up to have the life you keep pretending you want?”. She was asked this by a mentor when she was living out her hard done-by artist trying to live in New York who doesn't have enough time to follow her dream thing. WOW, this one stopped us in our tracks and reminded us that we can always find ways to make time for the things we care about most, and it will be worth the sacrifice. This became a question she continued to ask herself on her journey to becoming a successful writer. 

  • Lastly, Elizabeth had a great friend and every time someone asked him how he was, he would reply 'it's all going to be alright'. How poignant is that? 

If you haven't read her work yet, we really recommend starting with 'Big Magic' where Elizabeth outlines her spiritual/ practical insight into how to tap into your intuition, creativity and find your purpose. So now I want you to ask yourself: 


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With Botanical Love, 

Somerset Moss

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