August Musings - Sam's top tips for understanding what your skin is trying to tell you


Especially as we transition from summer to fall (how is it September this week?!), it's a great time to pay attention to how changing temperatures effect your skin. It could be the case that your skin is feeling a bit dryer than usual.

The magic of Somerset Moss is that you can blend, layer or use products alone, depending on what your skin is needing at any given moment. With this in mind, did you know that the Somerset Moss Facial Mist and the Somerset Moss Facial Oil are best friends?

PRO TIP: mix a pump of oil and spritz the mist into the palm of your hand, until you reach the consistency you desire. Remember to inhale deeply as you massage in - Somerset Moss is good for the soul, and the skin!

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⁠With over 20 years of experience as an esthetician, Sam shares her knowledge of face mapping with her Beauty Insiders:

Becoming an esthetician and holistic expert was a natural career for me and I have had the privilege of giving many facials to many faces! My experience with Soho House, Cowshed and Dermalogica was so important for the development of the Somerset Moss Collection and how I went about choosing the powerful botanical products inside each product. I also learnt so much about face mapping!

We know that skin is our largest organ, so it makes perfect sense that the condition of our skin is reflective of our overall health. In Chinese medicine, where a breakout occurs on the face is a big clue as to what might be causing the skin disruption.

So, what is your skin trying to tell you?

Here are four disruption prone areas, and what they might tell you about your body:

1. Chin - this area often mirrors the reproductive system and the ebb and flow of hormones. You may notice breakouts at a similar time in your cycle each month. Which side of your chin your breakout occurs on can even tell you which of your ovaries is releasing an egg when you ovulate!

2. Cheeks – If you notice more congestion across your cheeks, it could be a sign that your respiratory system is under some stress. For example, this could happen when you travel to a more polluted area, or if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

3. Jawline - Breakouts found in this area are sometimes a result of leaning on your hands. Lots of people touch their face when they are under stress, so be mindful of this and avoid it if you can. You may also notice skin imbalances after you’ve had dental work!

4. Forehead – Breakouts here may be a sign that you’ve had more sugar than usual or other foods that are more difficult to digest, like dairy. For me it most often means i've had a few too many glasses of wine..

So how can heal these breakouts when they happen?

With powerful botanical ingredients like aloe and hyaluronic acid, the Somerset Moss Facial Mist is an absolute hero when it comes to toning, exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Following a cleanse with the Facial Oil and a warm towel, spritz the Facial Mist onto a cotton pad and wipe across any congested areas of the skin. This will pick up anything that was left behind after the oil cleanse and the white willow bark will munch away at any dead skin.




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with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x

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