August Musings - Sam's top tips for beating those end of summer blues

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So it's somehow September tomorrow. This time of year is always bittersweet; I have to remind myself of how much I love the Autumn (fall) - cosy jumpers (sweaters) and how snap-happy I get with the leaves changing colour. It also usually feels like my new year with fresh intentions and a new start. But all of this is tinged with sadness at saying goodbye to the warmer weather.
Here are 5 ways that I'm embracing the changing seasons and beating those end of summer blues:
1. Plan a visit to your local bookstore.
I find this activity so mindful and I love to do this alone for a couple of hours. I check out the recommendations i've been given from family and friends but leave some room to see what i'm drawn to while trying not to judge books by their covers! Also in many of book stores the seating areas are back!
2. Invite your besties over for dinner.
I absolutely love to cook and host! Perhaps with a plant-based recipe from my favourite Irish twins The Happy Pear. It's a great time to catch up on how our summer was with good food, good wine and good company! 
3. Write a wishlist! 
What do you want to try this autumn? Maybe it's time to enrol in that pottery class, try the new restaurant that's opened down the road or book a trip to a cabin for the weekend. Set your intentions and refer back to your list if you're ever feeling down about summer being over. 
4. Remember hiking season isn't over! 
I love hiking into the fall - the forests look so beautiful and it's a much more comfortable temperature with that autumnal breeze. Make sure you check the trail opening times before you get outside and blow away those cobwebs!
5. Embrace the seasonal change with a food reboot. 
I'm back on my smoothie bandwagon! And horraay, some of my favourite foods are in season: artichoke, sweet potato, blackberries, aubergine (eggplant), plums, cranberries, parsnips...the list goes on! 
How are you feeling about the end of summer and do you have any tips? I'd love to hear them.
Love Sam x
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