August Snippet - introducing the limited edition Spring | Summer Bundle

Each of the superstar ingredients in the limited edition Spring | Summer Bundle were picked especially to support common skin concerns that come up in the summer months: calming sun-exposed skin, smoothing bumps and ingrowns, rebalancing oiliness from sun screen, the list goes on! 
...will turn your everyday shower into something special and you'll experience effortlessly smoother skin, one shower at a time! Through a rich lather, you'll be able to feel the grains of pink Himalayan salt in the Exfoliating Soap Bar working to brighten and polish your skin. The Moisturising Soap Bar will lather up and envelop you in the uplifting scent of geranium and grapefruit. Both are infused with moistening oils and botanical ingredients that reduce inflammation including yarrowdandelion and rosehips.
...will encourage the skin's natural barrier to rebalance. Active botanical ingredients like may chang and daikon radish deliver a powerful punch of antioxidants straight to your skin which will work to reduce inflammation. The Oil acts as a soothing moisturiser that helps to repair skin after long summer days in the sunshine.  Essential oils including linden blossom, jasmine, and cedarwood also support the calming of the skin and spearmint activates a cool, tingling sensation. 
The products will arrive with an extra gift - a handcrafted porcelain soap dish, embossed with botanicals that can be found in the soaps! These are made by local Artist, Linda Lewis, especially for Somerset Moss.


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