October Snippet II - have you experienced the Fall | Winter Bath & Body Oil yet?

Are you looking to get a head start with holiday gifts for your besties? This bundle is packed with botanical ingredients, that have long been used to treat ailments we associate with the cooler, darker, quieter, slower months of Fall | Winter. They create a sense of warmth and comfort and will nurture your body through this time of year. The bundle is the perfect way to hunker down and get cozy, practice self-care and embrace the change in weather!
 This bundle contains the warming Bath and Body Oil, the Exfoliating Soap and a gorgeous porcelain soap dish, hand-crafted by local artist Linda Lewis and embossed with Somerset Moss illustration, all in a beautiful drawstring bag.
Beauty Insiders, have you experienced the Fall | Winter Bath & Body Oil yet?  
Somerset Moss is adaptive botanical skincare for the modern minimalist, meaning each of our products have more than one use. Good for the skin, the earth and the wallet!
The new Fall | Winter Bath & Body Oil is no different; pour a tablespoon of the warming oil into the tub to nourish your skin and calm your mind or use it as a moisturiser by massaging it into the skin while it is deliciously damp after bathing or showering. 
Allow any anxiety to melt away...

...as you embrace the stillness and sensuality of the moment. Inhale deeply and relax. Lavender, benzoin and aniseed essential oils support the body by relieving stress, increasing circulation and boosting immunity. 
All that’s left to do is...
..to cocoon yourself in the comforting aromas of the uplifting blue tansy, clove bud and red mandarin and experience how Somerset Moss rejuvenates your skin and your mood. 
Invite botanical simplicity into your daily routine.


As we're here, here is a loving reminder to double cleanse this Halloween to avoid post face paint breakouts!

Using the Somerset Moss Oil as a cleanser with a cloth will do the trick! Next, spritz a generous helping of Somerset Moss Facial Mist to dampen a cotton wool pad and wipe over the surface of the skin to cleanse + exfoliate.  

Happy Halloween!

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