January Musings - Sam's top tips for cold water bathing

Applied as part of your morning routine. Left to work it’s magic in the steam of your shower. Massaged in and rinsed to reveal a soft, smooth and nourished complexion - our Brightening Mask is a ritual you’ll look forward to each day...
The New Year tradition of polar bear swims and listening to author Katherine May talk about her book 'Wintering'  has got Somerset Moss Founder Sam, (slowly and steadily!) testing some new rituals for the new year:
I really would like to be one of those people who wake up and go cold water swimming but I am not there yet! That being said, I am attracted to the well-documented benefits for your mental health and for your body - boosting immunity, activating endorphins, reducing stress, increasing circulation - the list goes on. I am by no means an expert, but here are some tips that helped me get started:
1. At the end of your shower, adjust the temperature to cold right at the end. It is shocking at first and you will want more than anything to reach for your warm towel, but you will quickly start to feel the benefits and can extend your countdown bit by bit as your body adapts. Before my shower, I dry brush my skin all over which is really good for promoting blood flow and reducing cellulite (Pro tip: to boost your mood, turn on some music and do a little dance as a you brush, a technique I also use whilst doing the cold shower!). I always follow with some Somerset Moss Oil  all over. This routine helps me to nurture and connect with my body, feel awake and like I can tackle anything the day throws at me. 
2. Remember to breathe! When under stress, your breath becomes shorter and faster. By bringing awareness to the breath, slowing it down and breathing more deeply, it will help you to overcome the shock and will even warm you up.
3. Find a local group! (once it is safe to meet in groups, of course.) I'm not brave enough to try cold water swims in these colder winter months but come summer, I may (literally) take the plunge! I have friends who are part of local groups who do this together on the regular so I love that there is a social aspect and everyone is in it together.
Good luck! I'd love to hear your experiences!
L I S T E N: Goop (Dec 3rd) with Katherine May: 'Normalising the Need for Rest and Retreat - a great listen to find ways to deal with the highs and lows of life by 'Wintering'.
R E A D: Life in Pieces by Dawn O' Porter - a light memoir of Dawn's life in lockdown. She will make you want to collect vintage dresses & drink margaritas on the regular. 
W A T C H: Succession an ageing father stepping away from his position as head of a media conglomerate contemplates which child will he choose to take over his empire.
E A T: Recipes from Table Manners - Jessie Ware and her mum Lenny's cookbook and hilarious podcast.
W R I T E: What are you looking forward to in 2021? It hasn't been an easy start to the year, but this journal prompt has helpful to lift our moods and appreciate the small things. 
with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x 

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