January Snippet - Soap Love

Have you had a chance to try Somerset Moss' latest seasonal concept? The Fall | Winter Limited Edition Soap Bars were created with the intention of harnessing the power of the finest handpicked local botanicals to help build comfort, warmth and immunity during these winter months.
The scent chosen for each bar blends eucalyptus, clove bud, ginger and lemon essential oils that have long been used to help us treat coldy symptoms. Enjoy clean, healthy and moisturised hands + bodies for the whole household. The nurturing aromas will linger deliciously both on your skin and in your bathroom.
"It's like a Mini Spa at home⁠. I don't usually use bar soaps but tried this one because I love the Somerset Moss skin care line.⁠ I am scent sensitive and this one is so natural and clean, I feel like I am bathing in nature.⁠ The exfoliating action makes my skin feel refreshed and the bonus is that it sloughs away the dead skin from the surface that I get on my legs in the winter time. If you haven't used bar soap in a while, do yourself a favour and try this one.⁠"
- ★★★★★ Sandra
“As with all Somerset Moss products, the soap is a delightful treat. The exfoliating bar is a luxurious way to wash with the perfect balance of fragrance that makes you want to breath deeply and savour the moment every time you use it.⁠”
- ★★★★★ Christine
“This wonderful soap makes your skin feel like you have been to the spa. Soft, moisturized and glowing. The scents coming from the product, as with all Somerset Moss products, are so relaxing at the end of the day, my whole body and mind are ready for heading to bed” 
- ★★★★★ Prue

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