February Frolics - Sam's top tips for paring down

As we mentioned on insta this week, self-care is doing the things that make you feel more like youSo drop a couple of Somerset Facial Oil under running water, step into the tub, smooth on this rose coloured potion and follow with a cup of tea and a gua sha massage. Dreamy.
I really thought that staying home more last year would have a positive effect on my bank account. But alas, when I crunched the $$, it was not the case. I guess that more evenings indoors meant more time to browse online - a seemingly harmless antidote to help with not seeing my friends or being able to travel...have you found the same?
In January I tried some strategies to get my finances in order and i've decided to share them in the hope that some of you lovely beauty insiders will find them helpful:
1. Try a month of no spending. I know. Believe it or not, me and a group of my besties decided to do this together for the whole month of January! It really helped to have a sense of accountability and removing the option to spend altogether meant no more umming and ahing. You begin to realise that belongings aren't everything and that you can live with less than you might think. I have bought a few things so far in February but I am far more conscious about how often I hit checkout.
2. One in one out rule! This tip has more of a Marie Kondo vibe but I find it great to keep both my spending and my home in check. If you want to buy something new, what are you going to donate, sell or recycle?
3. Think about your product cycles. I'm sorry but I had to weave in a plug for the Somerset Moss Collection here! I used to have a cupboard brimming with different products and promises (and a bank account to reflect it). Using fewer products that have multiple uses is better for you, the environment and for your wallet. Win, win, win!
 I honestly feel that these helped me slow down and reconnect with myself, my family, with nature and just appreciate the smaller things in general. As always, I'd love to hear your experiences!
L I S T E N: Which is more important to you, money or time? This podcast frames the discussion so well.
R E A D: 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' by Florence Given. The title says it all!
W E A R: We are loving this new sustainable and ethical clothing line, Free Label. They support and mentor entrepreneurs through their BIPOC marketplace too.
M O V E:  We're a little late to the game. Have you checked out Yoga with Adriene?! She has a video for every ache and every mood + she's funny which always helps! 
with botanical love this Valentine's,
Somerset Moss x 

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