March Musings - Sam's top tips for getting a good night's sleep

1. Are you suffering from 'macne' too?!

Have you experienced blemished skin after a long day of wearing your mask? Ohhh the woes of macne (mask + acne)! The mixture of heat and friction can lead to unwanted breakouts.

Good news! Each of the Somerset Moss products are multi-purpose, so the Somerset Moss Facial Mist can also be used as a toner! As soon as you take off your mask, spritz a generous helping onto a damp cotton wool pad and wipe over the surface of the skin to cleanse + exfoliate. Don't forget to pop your mask in the laundry right away! 

2. Sam's Top Tips...For A Good Night Sleep

Too often i've woken up on the 'wrong side of the bed' -  anxious about how the number of times I woke up during the night could negatively impact my day. So I tried out a few simple adjustments that have been making all the difference:

1. No screens for AT LEAST one hour before bed.

This one takes a lot of willpower so try moving your chargers from your bedside table to another room. Your smart phone can also send you a reminder and enter 'sunset mode' to encourage this hour of relaxation and reduce the blue light that keeps us feeling wired. To make my bedroom into a true sanctuary, it should really be a no screen zone (working towards that one)! Turning off any overhead lights and turning on warmer lamps can signal that it's time to rest. 

2. I worked out my chronotype! 

Did you know that your DNA dictates your body clock? Some people are wired to be night owls and others can feel fresh as a daisy, waking up naturally at 6am... By working our your chronotype, you can begin to plan your days in rhythm with your body clock so you can schedule your sleep, coffee intake, exercise, bed time (the list goes on) at the times that most suits YOU - dream!

3. Adopt healthy habits from day to night:

Avoiding naps, limiting caffeine intake after lunch, getting moving in the fresh air and not eating large meals late in the day can all improve your sleep. Having a bath and inhaling the gorgeous scent of the Somerset Moss Oil (part skincare, part aromatherapy), curling up into soft bedding and reading a good book are all wholesome ways to wind down at the end of your day.

Sweet dreams + thank you to Cristina Gareau for this gorgeous photo.


3. What We've Loved So Far In March:


At a time when it's harder to see friends, the Fortunately podcast has brought us lots of comfort, good conversation and laughter.


This one is for Vancouverites! We just wanted to give a shout out to our lovely friends at FIG who have recently opened a Main St location. They offer gorgeous facials using the Somerset Moss Collection and more.


We have been so inspired by Gill Meller's cookbook Root, Stem, Leaf, Flower which is all about how to cook with seasonal fruit and vegetables.
This month we are honouring, celebrating and raising up women who support and inspire us everyday. We commit to being inclusive, ethical and accessible and THANK YOU for being part of the journey with us.


with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x

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