April musings - Sam's top tips for tuning into your monthly rhythm

 - April Musings - 


Are you ready for a deep dive?

Let's start thinking about our monthly cycle as a guide and not a hindrance! If we gain more of an understanding about the different phases (just like seasons or the moon), we will be able to flow with our cycles and anticipate our naturally fluctuating productivity, energy levels and moods. Which weeks will we feel like wonder woman and which weeks will we want to stay in our PJs all day long?

M E N S T R U A L    P H A S E

Days 1 to 5

Think of the new moon/winter

Like the new moon, the menstrual phase is beginning of a brand-new cycle. Your energy, focus and productivity is at its lowest.

EAT Warming comfort food!

WORK Limit your workload. This is a good time to recalibrate.

MOVE Yin yoga or meditative walks through nature (don’t push yourself).

SOCIALISE Schedule time and space to slow down, relax and rejuvenate. Get lots of sleep and have a bath with a few drops of Somerset Moss Oil.

F O L L I C U L A R    P H A S E

Day 1 - 12

Similar to the waxing quarter moon phase/ the season of spring

After a slower week, your energy will start to build up again.

EAT Leafy greens, sweet potatoes (vitamin E) & protein/vegetables. Munch on flax seeds (to balance out excess estrogen) and pumpkin seeds (to encourage progesterone production). And if you can handle it, a tbsp of fish oil!

WORK Time to problem solve, schedule meetings, plan ahead and work on creative projects! What support do you need to get things done?

MOVE This is a great time for exercise. You have more energy so hikes, flow yoga classes and short runs are all perfect for this phase.

SOCIALISE Spread your wings you social butterfly. This is a good time to get curious and to try a new hobby.

O V U L A T I O N    P H A S E

Days 13 to 15

Similar to the full moon phase/ summer

This is the week for manifesting and getting results!

EAT Cauliflower and brussel sprouts to help flush out excess estrogen.

WORK You feel your most confidence during this phase so have that conversation you’ve been avoiding, engage in teamwork or present a new idea to your colleagues! Don't forget to celebrate any achievements.

MOVE Because of your peak levels of testosterone and estrogen, THIS is the time to push yourself a little harder with more intensive classes and workouts.

SOCIALISE Time for a date night! You’re at the peak of your sex drive and feeling your most attractive and extroverted during this time.

L U T E A L    P H A S E

Days 16 to 28

Similar to the waning moon or autumn

Remember that you can’t do as much in the second half of your cycle and as the brightness of the moon dims down or the leaves fall from the trees, so do your energy levels.

EAT Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, red meat, salt and dairy. This is also a great time to plan ahead for your period - grab all the snacks, including berries to help curb your cravings! Salmon (rich in Omega 3), sesame (to balance estrogen) and sunflower seeds (good for hormonal regulation) are all helpful. Take a capsule of evening primrose oil for extra support.

WORK Be gentle with yourself as you notice a dip in energy levels. You probably feel more introverted and reflective so now is a good time to check smaller tasks off your to do list. There is a sense of urgency to complete tasks during this time and it’s normal to feel a bit frustrated and groggy.

MOVE Strength training and stretching at pilates and yoga classes.

SOCIALISE Take the socialising down notch. It’s still nourishing to spend time with your nearest and dearest but generally it’s time to nest at home and prioritise self-care.

P.S. your cycle isn’t out of sync if it doesn’t match the exact cycles of the moon, but it’s a great metaphor to explain the phases -which are all the more poignant if they are in sync! Pro tip: download a period tracker app to help you use this info!

with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x


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