May Musings - reflecting on 5 years of Somerset Moss

Have you tried our new additions to the Somerset Moss dream team?
Maybe this is your opportunity to try the beautiful and limited edition Spring | Summer Body Bundle. It comes with a handcrafted white porcelain soap dish and the goodies are bundled into a cute Somerset Moss drawstring bag. 
" These products are just amazing. The moisturizing soap is gentle enough for my very sensitive skin. I love how clean and replenished it feels afterwards. The smell is both soothing and uplifting, perfect for the summer. The exfoliating soap has the same delightful smell while softly polishing my skin. The oil adds a beautiful finish after the shower, the smell lingering in my skin for most of the day. I am a huge fan! " - Anne-Gaëlle M.
Ok, so i'm taking a break from my usual blog format to do a bit of self reflection. I find the idea of 5 and 10 year plans a little futile - have you ever made one? Life can take us in all directions so as I reflect back on the first five years of my Somerset Moss journey, I realise that it's been a glorious mix of planning and serendipity - of using my guiding mission of 'happy, humble people', of meeting you all and hearing your skincare needs and adapting the collection to meet them.
I recently had the reminder below pop up on my socials - this photo really represents the conception of Somerset Moss! That day I had spent with my mentor who is a master perfumer and together we mixed and blended botanical oils until we curated the perfect elixir for Somerset Moss - how time flies:
2017 - I started researching and pulling everything together that I knew from my years of experience as an esthetician and my glossary of botanicals!
2018 - the official Somerset Moss LAUNCH!
2019 - I joined the Formula Fig team and trained many estheticians to use Somerset Moss products as part of the wonderful facials that they offer. I met so many people and really got an understanding of what could make our packaging both beautiful and practical.  
2020 -which led to the RELAUNCH of Somerset Moss with beautiful new branding and the addition of another Somerset Moss favourite, the Brightening Mask.
2021 - Launch of our seasonal productsstarting with the gorgeous Fall | Winter limited edition soaps.
2022 -  Our mission to provide minimalistic facial skincare extended to the complete body and we launched the much requested Spring | Summer Body OilP.S. have you tried it yet? Use the code FREESHIP22 this weekend! 
Looking back at the last five years makes me think we are going to have to add a new section to our About Us page! And what's in store in the future for Somerset Moss you ask? Maybe i'll try to put together a 5 year plan - i'll have to let you know how I get on in another blog post!
Please continue to drop the occasional emoji or comment on posts and like/ save them - visibility is tricky with this algorithm! All that's left is to say thank you for you all your support over the last 5 years - I couldn't have done it without you!
D R I N K  For those of you who weren't able to make it to the Feel Good Party pop-up a few weeks back, the fantastic Sansorium were there to quench our thirst with their selection of amazing non-alcoholic beverages. My favourite was the Wilfred's spritz with sparkling wine! Cheers!
W E A R Zaleska Jewellery was also at the event! The Canadian brand is size-inclusive and their custom pieces feature beautiful natural stones. Do check out their collection. 
 L I S T E N One of our favourite yoga teachers, Erin Gilmore, also has the BEST playlists and we are feeling weekend ready. This one is a great mix of relaxing, then upbeat music. Happy Friday everyone!
with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x

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