June Snippet - Somerset Moss for Father's Day

So... we have the the core collection that we know and love;
But it left us thinking - what if the skin on our body could feel as great as the skin on our face?

Enter the Seasonal Body Limited Collection!
These limited edition products were created with summer in mind and are expertly blended with specific ingredients that support your skin through this season.

These luxurious Soap Bars will turn your everyday shower into something special. Enjoy effortlessly smoother skin, one shower at a time.
Through a rich lather, feel the grains of pink Himalayan salt from the Exfoliating Bar working to brighten and polish your skin. Envelop yourself in the energizing and uplifting aroma of peppermint, lavender and sweet orange.
The Moisturising Bar is infused with handpicked local botanicals including yarrow, rosehip and dandelion are and naturally detoxifying pink clay works to gently nourish your skin through the driest of times. Lather up and envelop yourself in the uplifting scent of geranium and pink grapefruit.
One of our favourite things about the soaps is that they don't leave you skin feeling squeaky like lots of soaps out there. And because Somerset Moss can be masculine too, they make a perfect gift for Father's Day!  

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