July Snippet - the Power of Scent

The Power of Scent 
Ok, I can't promise time travel, but did you know that your sense of smell is directly related to memory? Even thinking about a smell can take you back to a time and place in your life, or help to recall a distant memory. We can each recall up to 10,000 scents!
Our olfactory system is a very powerful one which is why the scent is a big part of Somerset Moss. Many Beauty Insiders claim that it's addictive! I wanted to create a complex fragrance that would appeal to all, so there’s citrus, floral and woodsy notes - a little something for all noses. 
The scent was curated by me, with the guidance of a master perfumer in England and the essential oils were chosen, not just for the skin conditioning effects but for how they make you feel.⁠….happy!
Plus, the fact that the scent is purely created with essential oils meean there are no artifical ingredients that might irritate more sensitive skin.
Uplift your mood through scent. Our blend of essential oils restores skin confidence and improves wellbeing. Take a look at these ingredients, all of which can be found in at least one Somerset Moss product:
Skin | soothing and anti-inflammatory
Mood | grounding and reduces anxiety
May Chang
Skin | May chang balances PH and hydrates.
Mood | The ingredient has a magical mood boosting quality.
Skin | Provides a gorgeous cooling sensation and reduces irritation.
Mood | Invigorating and energising - a boost of energy!
Ylang Ylang
Skin | anti ageing and nourishing
Mood | calming and rejuvenating
Sweet Orange
Skin | anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
Mood | boosts immune system and uplifts mood
Skin | Repairs and rejuvenates.
Mood | Uplifts with a boost of positivity - smiles all round.
The magic of Somerset Moss truly lies in the scent.
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