How To Make Smart Choices In Skin Care

Smart Choices In Skin Care with Somerset Moss

The process of choosing products is fraught with the paradox of choice: what do I need? What is my skin type? Do I use products from the same company? Can I pick and mix? Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision for your skin. —Sam Miles-Mackay


Avoid these ingredients, for starters.

Artificial colour and fragrance only act as irritants; colour in particular can cause congestion. Sodium lauryl sulphate is used to create foam, known to be a hormone disruptor. And alcohol strips the barrier nutrients from the skin (though fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, used as emollients and thickeners, are good for improving hydration and moisture).


Keep it simple.

The pros will tell you to choose just two main products, a cleanser (choose wisely, or you will spend the rest of your routine trying to correct this decision. If you wear makeup, go for something creamy or an oil cleanse that can remove things like waterproof mascara; if not, a foaming cleanser is great) and a moisturizer or oil to protect and nourish skin. Pair these with sunscreen, every day.


Pick and mix is a-ok.

Don’t swap out brands; swap out products as you need them! Focus on what your skin currently needs and pick a product, regardless of beauty brand, that aligns with this. Plus, remember: your skin-care needs to change with seasons, hormones and environmental influences, so try to move away from thinking that your “type” is a permanent fixture.


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