June Musings - Sam's top tips for trying Breathwork

As the temperatures rise and dehydration kicks in, the Facial Mist really comes into its own. The botanical essences truly smell like a burst of an earthy English garden…some even say it’s addictive. It has got a hero list of ingredients including:
+ Hyaluronic Acid - ok we've all heard about this one but it really is worth the buzz! This awesome ingredient is capable of holding 100 times its own weight in water - it plumps the skin and creates luminosity  
+ Aloe - this ingredient is hydrating and also very calming. Perfect for the days when you're feeling a little flushed or needing a little aftersun soothing. 
This fabulous product can be kept in the fridge so that whenever you're in need of an afternoon pick me up, you can give yourself a cooling spritz. Ahhh. 
've been a fan of alternate nostril breathing and cold water swimming as a self-soothing practices for a while now. But recently, I've been dabbling with how breathwork can help me regulate my nervous system. Your nervous system dictates how your body controls fight or flight reactions. If it's dysregulated, you can continue to feel stressed or anxious, even if there is nothing around to fight or run away from! 
I thought i'd share a few tidbits and some amazing experts that i've been following recently who have helped me to reduce my day to day anxiety and help me find my calm and clarity.
1. Ariana Fotinakis is a local Breathwork teacher here in Vancouver. I really recommend her sessions where she takes you through various breathwork patterns, bringing your body into flight or fight state for just a moment and then coming back to a more relaxing baseline. She empowers you to realise that the answers you're searching for come from within and guides you towards finding those answers through becoming more aware of the breath.
2. Tara Brach is an amazing meditation teacher - she has a new book out called 'Trusting the Gold' which is all about finding the beauty in humanity and finding our own path. Check out her online book launch that happened last week here.
3. Michele Kambolis is another beautiful meditation teacher who wrote great things about Tara’s book. I'm really enjoying her Instagram meditations like this one
Have you tried breathwork? I'd love to hear your takeaways!
K N O W:    
If you haven't checked it out yet, Somerset Moss Founder, Sam Miles has written a fantastic guide on Vita Daily about how to make smart skincare choices.
P A M P E R:
If you haven't tried it yet, we are all over the Maple Box - a subscription box of luxury organic goodies that are all ethically produced by Canadian makers. It's an unboxing dream!
M O V E :
Speaking of breathwork, join the OPEN Community for beautiful live online yoga, meditation and breathwork classes. Our favourite part is that they combine each class with an amazing playlist.
with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x

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