July Musings - Sam's top tips for achieving suncare superstardom



How do you best care for your skincare products during the summer heat? Put them in the fridge!

We use Ultra Violet glass to keep our products safe from damaging light and sun but when it gets really hot, it’s best to chill your skincare. The Somerset Moss Facial Balm will firm back up and the Somerset Moss Facial Mist will feel delightfully cool against your skin for when you need a refresh!  



⁠Have you noticed how many different suncare options there are? To speed up your in-store decision making process so you can actually get out and enjoy the sun, here is my guide with some specific product shout outs!

Somerset Moss is all about paring down your skincare as each of the products is multi-functional so although nothing can replace sunscreen, powerful botanical ingredients found in the Somerset Moss Facial MistFacial Oil and Facial Balm can all support the 4 essential suncare steps:

1. So, what are the four steps to suncare superstardom? 


HYDRATE - Somerset Moss products contain a number of hero ingredients. Hyaluronic acid tops this list. So the more frequently you apply the Somerset Moss Facial Mist, the more you improve your skin’s capacity for hydration. Jasmine flower water is another ingredient which is super hydrating. Fun fact! It is the the most hydrating of all the flower waters.

PROTECT - Three key ingredients in the Somerset Moss Facial Oil (rosehip, carrot seed and sea buckthorn) all help in providing levels of UV protection. These goodies are all very beneficial in the prevention of pigmentation due to the high levels of Vitamin A. 

Pro tip: it is very important to cleanse with Oil and a damp moist face cloth when you are removing mineral sunscreen. It is highly water resistant which means that water based cleansers will struggle to remove it.


REPAIR - You many not realise, but inflammation is an effect of too much sunshine. Aloe is our no. 1 staple ingredient for helping with this - it is age old but a total winner. So coupled with Lavender, these two ingredients make the Facial Mist an excellent choice of aftersun so there’s no need to make that additional purchase. 

NOURISH - Ohhhh the Somerset Moss Facial Balm. The perfect answer to any skin that is in need of some love and care after a day of sunshine. Almond, sunflower and avocado oils all contain high levels of Vitamin E which is well known for its ability to restore and nourish. Frankincense, carrot seed and chamomile will repair on a deeper cellular level and will heal the skin by generating increased cell turnover. 

2. So, what sunscreen is best for me?

There are two main types of sun screen - mineral (sometimes called physical) vs. chemical - just what is the difference?

Put simply, a mineral/physical sunscreen creates a shield that physically prevents sun from entering the skin whilst chemical sunscreen allows sun rays to penetrate the skin and then bounces them back out of the skin.

For those of you with skin sensitivity, the best route is the mineral/physical options that do not allow any penetration and is therefore less disruptive for your skin. Try to find products that are fragrance and colour-free as other options could irritate the skin.

3. But what is best for the environment?

Oxybenzone is a known hormone disturber that really needs to be avoided where possible. This ingredient is also believed to be damaging to the ocean and its ecosystem. 

Ok so you've read the guide, but what are our favourites?

FaceCoola Primer - a gorgeous mineral based sunscreen
Body - Green Beaver - this mineral based sunscreen has a lovely oily texture and it doesn't leave any white residue. And what a great name!      

Gradual tan - LOVE local Vancouver brand Salty Face   



   R E A D    

Don't you just LOVE the feeling of not being able to put down a book? 'Playing Nice' by J.P. Delaney is the story of two twins - the suspense was very addictive!


The Coffee and Coin podcast - a great listen to discover new ways of making money - we could all use more of that!


As restrictions ease up here on the West Coast of Canada, we would love to put the Powell River (or the Powell Riviera as we love to refer to it!) on your travel wish list when you feel safe to start exploring once more! Not only is this Sunshine Coast destination the perfect launch pad for epic adventures in Desolation Sound, but it also a gorgeous place to enjoy the water, explore lovely boutiques and generally relaxxx. Our Founder Sam has just moved there!


with botanical love,
Somerset Moss x

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